Learning Resources

Discovery Diaries

The Discovery Diaries – which include British astronaut Tim Peake’s Principia Space Diary –  are arts-based primary STEM programmes (KS1 and KS2 or equivalents) available in English and Welsh. Packed with creative, personalised activities, each programme is supported by a suite of educator resources including teaching notes, lesson plans, multimedia, videos and more.

Homeschooling with Harriet – The Human Body

Did you know, if you unrolled an adult’s small intestine, it would be 22 feet long?! Join us this week as we explore the amazing bodies we have. From brains and bones to our hearts and stomachs, our bodies do some awesome things! We’ve filled this week’s resource bundle full of phonics, experiments and art. We’re covering phase 2 – 5: ideal for Reception and Year 1 learners and beyond! Get your resource pack here Read more…

Homeschooling with Harriet – African Animals

Join us this week for an African animal adventure! If you have little ones in Reception or Year 1 and are looking for some help with homeschooling, then look no further! Covering phases 2 – 5, our resources cover the vital phonics children need to learn at school. Click the button below to purchase this week’s pack – 10% of all proceeds go to the NHS, helping fight COVID-19. Join us LIVE for lessons on Read more…